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Re: General discussion

Postautor: Jonny » 11 cze 2005, 13:42

kinga pisze:Hi Jonny :smile:

I hate the weather like this... ahh, it's sooo hot :roll:

Hi. Now it´s colder. :D :D

kinga pisze:Have you heard that Edyta will be in Opole? There's an annual festival there and she will sing a very beautiful song "Szczęśliwej drogi już czas" :grin: If you have polish TV TVP1 or TV Polonia you can watch this ;) She'll be there probably in Sunday, 12.06 :D

I have TV Polonia. :D :razz: :wink: Thank you I will watch it tommorow. :mrgreen: :wink:

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Re: General discussion

Postautor: [email protected] » 15 lut 2007, 3:01

Jonny, where are you?!

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Re: General discussion

Postautor: stew77 » 11 cze 2009, 22:46

Hey there!
I've been reading this forum from time to time and i would like to share a little moment from one of the so many shows of Edyta, this time in Pruszków a small town close to Warsaw. I know is going to seem a bit pretencious but I'm the guy who was invited to the stage and sang to E. (the venezuelan one (' _ ')" I know is a shame i couldn't recognize the polish songs but I'm more about this millenium music style hehehe.

I would like to say I'm a fan of Edyta Gorniak since few years. When I just came to Poland I listened to a song made for a film sang by her and Mietek. (Dumka na dwa serca) and i just became in love. I love to go to her shows, is a pitty that I've never been in a Real Concert of Edyta Gorniak, just some shows. I hope some day she would make one... Hope soon before i leave Poland hehehe (if I leave!!!)

Edyta, if you ever read this I want to say you're a very great singer and I wish you ALL THE BEST. I hope you become the International singer you were before and My People in My Country can listen to your voice. By the way was a very good friend of mine who introduce me to this Edyta's adictive world. I'm a bit less obssesed than him but I like you very much.

See you tomorrow in Siedlce :D

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Re: General discussion

Postautor: BolecDC » 12 cze 2009, 0:00

So nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. It's great to hear that you enjoyed Edyta's performance in Pruszkow (so did I!) which was actually a real concert - at least in my opinion. I guess it's not surprising that Edyta's voice has attracted even foreigners like you, She's one of the kind. If you are interested, here is a video of your short performance -> video (As you probably know - I am soooo jealous! I wish I had been there with Edyta.)

See you at the next concert!

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Postautor: johnd911 » 12 kwie 2012, 5:30

Czy Edyta zainteresowany może robić wrażenie lub koncert w Stanach Zjednoczonych lub sprawdzanie możliwości? Jeśli tak, to kim się skontaktować?

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Re: General discussion

Postautor: Marecki » 12 kwie 2012, 21:20

Try [email protected], but her website is temporarily shut down so this may not work.

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