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escXtra (09/11/2012)

Poland: Edyta Górniak Interview. The 1994 Polish representitive speaks to escXtra

As part of the What Happened To editorials, a few weeks ago we wrote about Edyta Górniak. She was the first Polish representative to take on the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and with her entry To nie ja! (It wasn’t me!) she placed 2nd with a total of 166 points, only 60 points away from victory. After that performance, Edyta released a number of albums both in her native country and also internationally. From her latest album My, which was released after a short hiatus, she has a number of 5 singles released. Edyta has spoken to escXtra about her Eurovision adventure, her music career and also what the future will hold for the popular Polish artist.

escXtra: Hi Edyta and I would like to thank you for taking some time from your busy schedule and to have this little chat with us. So … can you tell us and your fans how did you kick start your music career and who were your inspirations to start this career?

Edyta Górniak: If I wanted to answer that question honestly I would have to say that my very first inspiration for music was love itself. Until today when I am holding a microphone in my hand I always feel how music makes people close to each other. How it helps them to become better people. How it calms them down or brings them strength and how it takes their hearts and minds to another world during a three minute song. Of course, these days there is more plastic than real music but the spirit of real music for me will never change.

X: What are your comments about this years’ winning song Euphoria and the singer Loreen?

EG: I like both, the song and the voice of Loreen.

X: In 1994, you were internally chosen to represent Poland for the first time in the Eurovision Song Contest. What encouraged you to accept this invite?

EG: I think it was fear (laughter). I was so scared that I decided to fight this monster.

X: With a remarkable performance and debut, you finished 2nd place. What was your experience on the whole for this contest?

EG: When I came 2nd I was shocked. In my opinion I didn’t give my best during the performance as I was very ill and my throat was very much in pain. It was hard to fight the stress of the performance and the pain in my body at the same time. Sickness plus responsibility, performance with a real orchestra and a live performance broadcast for so many millions of people – was a level of fear I will never forget. At the same time this whole stay in Ireland was absolutely magical.

X: If Poland decides to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, would you reconsider trying your luck once again?

EG: Many journalists and fans have asked me this question over the years. I don’t think I would have better success than the one in 1994. I would love to sing again in the Eurovision Song Contest but I wouldn’t like to lose with myself (laughter).

X: If another country approaches you to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest, would you do it and why?

EG: That’s a good question. You know what, I think I would actually. And somehow I feel it would be easier as there wouldn’t be such a big history behind me.

X: From the time you represented Poland in 1994 to the Eurovision Song Contest that we watch today, what are the changes you agree with and what changes do you think should be eliminated?

EG: The Eurovision Song Contest I remember was the biggest festival of talented writers and singing artists, organized and presented with the best international quality. I have sadly observed with years how it changed into a circus. Some barriers of taste have been crossed. The authenticity has been lost and it was replaced with falseness. I believe that the Eurovision Song Contest still has huge potential but the people in charge need to remind themselves of the quality that has been lost.

X: During your music career, you released a number of albums in your native country together with international releases. What were your experiences while recording each of your albums?

EG: Each of my 7 albums was made during a different stage of my artistic progress and during a different stage of my consciousness. On all of these albums, even if the style was changing, the spirit has always remained the same, only stronger. Making music is a long and incredible journey. From the moment of an idea in your head until the moment when people hold your CD in their hands, it’s a long road and it’s always so inspiring for me. On my Facebook profile people write how much strength and great energy they get from my music. That gives me a great sense of what I’m doing.

X: How do you prepare yourself before performing your songs to a huge audience?

EG: This year I was invited to sing a duet with Jose Carreras with a 60-piece orchestra in a huge arena. Last year for the anniversary of the tragic death of our President, I sang for a very small audience just with a piano. And last week I sang in a club with people dancing – even though there is such a different character of each performances, it takes the same amount of concentration, pressure and energy from me. I always want to do my best. I respect the audience and each meeting with them I take as a challenge.

X: Do you have a lucky charm which you take with you on stage?

EG: Oh my gosh! Steve, you’re not gonna believe this! Over 20 years of my career I’ve heard so many thousands of questions but no one has ever asked me this one. The answer is: yes, I do take one special thing with me to the stage. It is a small Buddha made of stone I found in Asia.

X: If you had to personally choose a favorite from all the singles released so far, which would it be and why?

EG: Steve, I’m a woman (laughter). Depending on whether I’m having a sad or happy day, I choose a different lipstick, different perfume and a different song. When we go through life, if we keep our minds open we see and feel more and more, and we change. Each song I recorded gave something important to me or somebody else.

X: Are you considering or planning to release another album in the near future?

EG: This year I released the first album after a four year break from recording. I’m not planning on taking such long breaks again. So, hopefully, with the next year there will be the next album.

X: If you were to personally train an aspiring artist to pursue a career in the music industry, would you suggest Eurovision?

EG: Well… It would be a huge lesson how to handle stress for a new artist but, like I said earlier, this festival has changed. It doesn’t give much space for real artists anymore. There has been just a few over the last years.

X: If you had to mention one achievement that you are most happy about… which one would it be?

EG: I very rarely think of anything I’ve done as being proud of myself. But there is one thing I’m happy about. It’s that even though the world has changed so much, it didn’t change me. Obviously, I got stronger as a human, but I kept the sensitivity for the world, for people and music. I still appreciate the same things I used to ten or twenty years ago. I try to be a good human being and give best of me to the world.

X: Finally, what would you like to say to your fans and our readers at

EG: I would like to say that whatever happens around the world, please, don’t ever forget the smell of flowers, the taste of good wine, the sound of friends laughter, the silence of the woods, the taste of a passionate kiss, and the Spirit of real Music.

escXtra would like to wish Edyta the best of luck in her music and personal career and we are all looking forward in hearing some new future releases. Meanwhile you can watch her music video titled Consequences which has been released from her latest album My.

Steven Spiteri (Malta)



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